the chill is crepping in

let us gather out friends and head out for a meeting before the need for jackets — by the way, I am not opposed to meeting in the fall and winter, fires, shawls, scarves, and such are perfect for baring and warming.

presently our membership numbers are low and lopsided to mostly men — gather your friends and let us start the cooler season off with a meeting of the Co-Ed Topless Literature Appreciate Society!


Merry Meet!

Rain thwarts us once again!  I did not wish to wait until the last minute to cancel due to weather so I made the call this morning.   I shall figure out another date and time for our third time is the charm first meeting!

Until then is it: Brave to be topless? Difficult to be brave?  I ask since the membership and RSVPs are minimal.

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I eagerly await your feedback!